Diets Don't Work!!! Does.

I approached Hipocity with skepticism, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Losing weight and changing my eating habits was easier than I ever imagined possible. There were many times I didn't even think about my weight, yet I was still losing weight and I never felt hungry or deprived. Clinical hypnotherapy changed my eating habits and the way I feel about my body. There is no way I would go back. I love my new body and I enjoy eating healthy foods and feeling fantastic. 
Susan S, Houston, TX

Statistics speak for themselves:
Psychoanalysis: 38% improvement after 600 sessions
Behavioral Therapy: 72% improvement after 22 sessions

Clinical Hypnotherapy: 93% success after 6 sessions
- American Health Magazine

Each new day brings with it a chance for a new beginning. The choices you 
make today don't have to be influenced by what happened to you in the 
past. Today, right now, this very moment, is your only moment of power. 
Right now is the only opportunity you have to begin changing the 
undesirable patterns in your unconscious mind that keep you trapped in the 
past. This is what my clinical hypnotherapy helps you to 
do. Use this moment, right now to make a new and better choice for you.  

ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME? Lose weight, quit smoking, enhance performance, stop pain, phobias, panic attacks, build confidence and motivation.

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First Off, What Exactly is Hypnosis?
The definition of hypnosis is very simple. Hypnosis is a state of consciousness in which your 
unconscious mind becomes more open to accepting new ideas, new learning's, hypnotic 
suggestions and new kinds of thoughts that your mind considers to be good and beneficial for 

This is most important because it is the unconscious mind that controls all of your emotions, 
your feelings, your attitudes, your values and how you perceive and interpret your past 
experiences, your current experiences and your future.

These are all elements of what we call your self-image and your self-image is controlled 
almost entirely by your unconscious mind. Your self-image is the part of you that is the most 
responsible for the meanings that you assign to the experiences you have in your past, present 
and future.

And the meanings that your self-image generates then either reinforce the beliefs that you 
hold in your self-image or they form new or expanded parts of your self-image. For all of us, 
it's the damage to our self-image that keeps us trapped in the past.

What this means, basically, is that almost all of the problems we all experience in life are 
caused by maladaptive mental programming in the Brain Computer which results in a 
damaged self-image. This all stems from the various emotional wounds from our earlier 

Correcting The Damaged Self-Image
Clinical hypnotherapy is a modern, participatory form of hypnosis in which you 
remain fully conscious and aware. My special clinical hypnotherapy  helps put you in control instead of 
putting you under the control of someone else.

My clinical hypnotherapy works to change the programming in your unconscious mind. 
As you know, your brain is not simply like a computer, your brain actually is a computer. As 
such, your Brain Computer runs many different programs every day.

These programs are all part of your self-image. So, whatever the problem, if it was generated 
by a damaged self-image, my clinical hypnotherpy works to correct it.